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Who’s the Who?

Welcome to the 2nd “Behind the Scenes” episode of “e-travels with e. trules”, a twice a month feature of the podcast, where I will be speaking to friends, colleagues, fellow podcasters, and travelers around the world…. in between my monthly scripted shows.

My guests this time are my 2 trusty and talented production colleagues, Alysha Bermudez, our imaginative and immersive sound designer, and Amanda Yamate, our composer who creates music tapestries from all over the world. Both are college students well on their way to professional careers. Alysha is in the Sound Design program at USC and Amanda is in the Film Scoring Program at Cal State Northridge.

We work in the studio of USC’s Sound Design Program on Jefferson and McClintock in South Central LA, usually early on Saturday mornings, and although we work quite hard and meticulously, we also usually also, have a lot of fun. Hear about the technique of scoring a podcast, who and what inspires them, how they “hear” the world. And listen to another “Trules Travel Quiz”.

Enjoy and Happy Trails…..

What We Covered

  • 0:01 – Weekly Intro with theme music by Amanda Yamate
  • 0:25 – Welcome with iTunes subscriber acknowledgements
  • 2:32 – Introduction of Amanda Yamate, composer, and Alysha Bermudez, sound designer
  • 3:19 – The process of creating the travel stories
  • 4:48 – Amanda on composing the music
  • 6:43 – on Balinese gamelon music
  • 7:12 – Alysha on sound design
  • 8:04 – on making the Echo Park episode
  • 8:52 – on working together and laughing
  • 9:28 – Alysha’s previous podcast experience via YouTube
  • 10:23 – Getting high production value from the USC sound studio
  • 11:17 – Trules on having an editor’s ear for sound, music, and telling a story
  • 12:15 – The random , synchronistic way Trules found his production team
  • 13:12 – What inspires Amanda & Alysha artistically
  • 14:00 – on “the gift” of artistic collaboration and family
  • 15:00 – Who inspires the Team? Star Wars & jazz
  • 17:42 – Trules on meeting Miles Davis in the NYC jazz club, Slug’s in the Far East
  • 19:29 – The “Trules Travel Quiz”
  • 24:22 – Wrap up and closing credits


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Additional Credits

Sound design by Alysha Bermudez.
Music composed by Amanda Yamate.
Produced by Harry Duran at FullCast.
Supported by a USC Capstone Grant, with special thanks to Professor Phil Allen, Director of the Sound Design Program at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts.