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Like to travel? Like to listen to travel tales from well off the beaten path? Well then, you’ve come to the right place…

“e-travels with e.trules” is a new, personal, idiosyncratic, and literary podcast created by Eric Trules, a longtime Huffington Post blogger and theater Professor at USC in Los Angeles. Trules has traveled our beautiful and problematic planet for decades, staying in Bedouin huts on the Red Sea, riding the rails to “Nose of the Devil” in Southern Ecuador, and meeting his future Indonesian wife on the magical island of Bali.

“Episode 0”, the podcast’s maiden voyage and raison d’etre, is a “sampler” of the upcoming shows. With original music by Amanda Yamate and immersive sound design by Alysha Bermudez, this episode takes the listener to the Bedouin Sinai Desert in 1999, to the pristine east coast of Bali, Indonesia in 2014, and to the island of Borneo back in tribal days. It philosophizes about “why we travel” and talks about the origins of the podcast from Trules’ e-mails to friends from small internet shops in Southeast Asia.

If you like to travel vicariously, or be provocatively reminded of your own travel adventures, and misadventures, listen to these entertaining and personal stories from around the globe. New episodes will be released once a month on iTunes, with “Behind the Scenes” episodes two weeks later.

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What We Covered

  • 0:00 – Theme music composed by Amanda Yamate
  • 0:22 – “Why Travel?”
  • 1:14 – Episode 0 Intro
  • 2:18 – “Grazing with Camels”, Israel, 1999
  • 2:57 – Origin of “e-travels”
  • 3:44 – Traveling affordably and “Servas”
  • 4:44 – Background and release schedule of “e-travels with e. trules”
  • 5:39 – “9 Lives x 2 and Good Karma”, Bali, 2012
  • 8:36 – Why a podcast about travel? Cortez, Columbus, Marco Polo, Pico Ayer, Tony Bourdain, Trules love of history…. Travelers as shamans
  • 11:27 – “A Cock Tale from Borneo”, Northeast Borneo, 2002
  • 13:05 – The difference between “traveler” and “tourist”, The pleasures and challenges of travel
  • 14:56 – Outro and credits, Closing theme music by Amanda Yamate



Here are some recent Reviews and comments on iTunes:

“Between the music, sound design and pleasant low rumble of Trules’ voice, this is a podcast that will satisfy that craving for a story that lets you live by your mind’s eye.”

From listener, Irma Gerd, who I don’t know. But that’s part of the joy of podcasting, isn’t it?

And here’s another one by DeaneSullivan18:

“Trules has a wonderful quality of engaging his listeners, where he will transport you from your living room couch to vast corners of the world.”

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Additional Credits

Sound design by Alysha Bermudez.
Music composed by Amanda Yamate.
Produced by Harry Duran at FullCast.
Supported by a USC Capstone Grant, with special thanks to Professor Phil Allen, Director of the Sound Design Program at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts.