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If you’d like to see a reader-friendly, academic paper that Trules presented at the International Conference on Learning in Seville, Spain in 2005, please click here: “Personal Storytelling Bridges the Global Divide: Changing the World One Story at a Time”.


We divide our world into nations, cultures, religions, languages, political parties; each separating one group from another. We define ourselves by identifying with one group and not with another. Americans: Democrats-Republicans. Iraquis: Sunni-Shiite-Kurd. East Malaysians: Muslim-Chinese-Malay. And so on, throughout the world: Indian-Pakistani, Chinese-Japanese, Protestant-Catholic, Arab-Jew, Christian-Muslim, neighbor hating and fearing neighbour; one group demonizing and separating itself from “the other”. Yet we all have one thing in common. We are all human beings – who all yearn for the same comforts, freedoms, families, friends, children, gods, security, self-expression, fulfilment, transcendence – as one another.


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