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So you think you’re well-traveled, Matey? Or you know someone who thinks he, or she, is? Well… have you ever, or have they ever, grown up on an Israeli kibbutz? Worked at the U.N.? Lived for years in Paris, Rome, Helsinki, and Jerusalem?

Well my guest, Raphael Morav, has. And I am lucky enough to have visited him in all those places above… except the U.N.

“The kibbutz is a very good school for life.”

“Our friendship is a testament to bonds that can be made across cultures and borders.”

–Raphael Morav, Israeli diplomat and Episode 12’s guest on “e-travels with e. trules”

I first met “Raphy”, as his friends like to call him, and his family, in Rome in 1998, when he was the Israeli economic diplomat there for 4 years. I met him through an international organization dedicated to world peace and cultural exchange… called SERVAS. What that means in practical terms is that voluntary travelers can stay in the homes of voluntary hosts, for 2 nights, for FREE… all over the world. Personally, I have seen much of our lonely and inter-connected planet through the “open doors” of SERVAS. Please check it out.

The very next year, 1999, I visited Raphy in Jerusalem, where I saw his older son, Liran, Bar Mitzvah-ed,  and where I was… the videographer. Two years later, I visited him and his family in Helsinki, Finland; then in 2014, I brought my wife, Surya, to visit him at the end of his post in Paris, France. And now, in April of 2017, Raphy and his younger son, Eilon, have come to visit ME, for the first time, here in LALA Land.

Welcome to Episode 12, “Behind The Scenes with with Israel Diplomat, Raphael Morav” on the “e- travels with e. trules” Podcast.

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The Podcast is made possible with a USC Capstone grant, with generous support from Professor Phil Allen and the Sound Design Program at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts. With original music by Amanda Nicole Yamate and sound design by Alysha Bermudez. This episode was recorded by Scott Barber at the Barber Shop Recording Studio, also right here in in Echo Park, LA, CA. Produced by Harry Duran at FullCast.


What We Covered

0:01 – Podcast Intro with Weekly Theme Music by Amanda Yamate

0:25 – Episode Intro with welcome of guest, Raphael Morav (RM)

1:30 – Trules discusses SERVAS, an international organization dedicated to world peace and cultural exchange through a free and voluntary traveler & host program that first connected Trules and Morav

3:09 – “Raphy’s” French and Israeli background that led him him to being a career diplomat

5:00 – Raphy talks about growing up on an Israeli kibbutz for 20 years

9:21 – Raphy talks about serving in the Israeli army and then separating from the kibbutz and going his own way in Jerusalem

10:36 – RM talks about his 1st post abroad in Liberia in West Africa

14:08 – RM talks about the Israeli diplomatic presence worldwide

16:21 – Morav talks about family, marriage, and serving abroad. Trules talks about the many years he has seen Morav’s sons grow from childhood to adulthood, in many different countries and cultures

19:53 – RM talks about the benefits of hosting and how traveler-guests give natives tips on what to see and where to go in their own country

20:45 – RM talks about his 2nd post in Brussels in 1990 and his short mission as a cadet diplomat at the United Nations 

22:45 – Raphy talks about his post in Rome

24:40 – Helsinki, Finland: its nature, beauty, ethnicity, and culture

26:50 – RM on being back in Jerusalem for 5 years, then to Paris for the next 5 years. On diplomats having the ability to “seek out” posts abroad, as opposed to staying home at headquarters in Jerusalem

29:51 – time for the Trules Travel Quiz

Some interesting revelations:

RM was actually born in the Ivory Coast, not France

“My favorite place is… the world itself.”

“To be a traveler is to… discover yourself.”

31:55 – on Ethiopia and Its Jewish history, the destruction of Israel’s 1st and 2nd Temples

35:55 – On Jerusalem… and LaLa Land

37:33 – on the Alps, traveling by foot, and “the road of love and justice”

39:00 – the wrap up, thank yous, and final credits


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We’re coming up on the end of SEASON 1. And we’re still looking for funding for SEASON 2.
So if you feel so inclined, or you know anybody who would like to support the podcast, I would greatly and sincerely appreciate it.

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Production Credits

Sound design by Alysha Bermudez.

Music composed by Amanda Yamate.

Recorded by Scott Barber at the Barbershop Sound Studio in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California

Produced by Harry Duran at Fullcast. Thanks to Addy Saucedo  and The Team.