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Where’s the Where?

Israel, 1999. Trules ventures south from Jerusalem, crossing the Israeli-Egyptian border at Eilot. He makes camp at “Ras Es Satan”, Head of the Devil, sleeping in a primitive “chousha”, just feet from the Red Sea. He swims with the neon-lit fishes and organizes a 2 day camel safari, overnight into the Sinai Desert, home of Moses, Joshua, and the first tribes of Israel.

His guide is swarthy Bedouin, Adnan, and after learning how to make a camel both run and sit, Trules presses on into the harsh and beautiful desert. Is that a mirage he sees? Or an oasis? He ruminates over the price we have paid for civilization’s comforts, wondering if we have lost our respect for nature, and our connection with our own humanity. The episode ends with Trules’ own remedy for peace in the Middle East.

Music by Anello Capuano.
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In This Episode

  • 0:00 – Opening Theme with music by Amanda Yamate
  • 0:26 – Episode Intro, Israel, 1999
  • 1:05 – “Grazing with Camels”
  • 1:43 – Trules plans his trip into the Sinai Peninsula
  • 3:25 – He buses south from Jerusalem, crossing the Israeli border at Eilot, and camps at “Ras es Satan”, Head of the Devil, on the Red Sea
  • 4:22 – Nighttime, a mini-history lesson and a plan for a 2 day camel safari into the Sinai Desert
  • 6:13 – Night 1, after a painful day of camel riding, Bedouin style, sitting around a border-less campfire
  • 8:16 – Day 2, How to make a camel both sit and run
  • 9:10 – into the harsh land of Moses, Joshua, and the escaped-from-Egypt, Red Sea Jews. Is that a mirage Trules sees? Or an oasis?
  • 11:21 – The price we’ve paid for modern civilization, losing touch with nature, ourselves, and our sense of awe
  • 13:19 – Night 2, camel-camped with Arabic music over the moonlit Gulf of Aqaba, a “perfect moment”?
  • 14:09 – 15 years later, with terror and bloodshed everywhere. Trules’s idea for peace in the Middle East
  • 15:21 – Outro with credits


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Additional Credits

Sound design by Alysha Bermudez.
Music composed by Amanda Yamate.
Produced by Harry Duran at FullCast.
Supported by a USC Capstone Grant, with special thanks to Professor Phil Allen, Director of the Sound Design Program at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts.