The Wild West of Deadwood, South Dakota – Episode 26

I was doing one of the most patriotic things I’ve ever done in my life – going to Mt. Rushmore -to see George, Tom, Abe, and Teddy… whose images were all cracked and decayed… just like our country. I end up making a little detour – to the old cowboy and mining town of Deadwood, South Dakota… long before David Milch, Al Swearingen, and HBO got there. Rumor has that Wild Bill Hickok was Sheriff of Deadwood back in the day, and I… discover something about Wild Bill’s jail… first hand. And about the new Sheriff in town named… Deadwood Dick McGraff.

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Behind the Scenes from Shanghai and Anaheim with Shannon Moore Martin of Podbean – Episode 25

“I’ve always wanted to be an ‘ex-pat’, an American living outside of the United States. Never more so than in this tenuous time of Trump!” So at Podcast Movement 17 in Anaheim, I do a live interview with Shannon Moore Martin of Podbean, who lives in Shanghai. We talk of many things – like living internationally, and working for one of the biggest podcast hosting companies in the world.

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Welcome to Season 2, with a Cock Tale from Borneo – Episode 24

This season, I’d like to start thinking about travel in a new way.Time and place. Because there’s something profound and universal about a good travel story, connecting us more deeply to a specific place, to ourselves, and to the other people we meet along the way. At the end of this episode, I’ll recall a tribal tale from the outback of Northeast Borneo in East Malaysia…. where you’ll hear how Rungus tribesmen dealt with love, jealousy, and revenge back in the days of animism and black magic shamans.

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Happy 2018! Trules Guests on the “Creative Studio” Podcast – Bonus Episode – 23

Ho! Ho! Ho! And Happy New Year! Having just passed the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSAY of my podcast, I am announcing GOOD NEWS — the release of “e-travels with e. trules” on SPOTIFY! To celebrate, I’m releasing the 4th and final BONUS EPISODE – between Season 1 and Season 2. It’s my interview from this past Fall with Joshua Rivers, also known as “The Podcast Guy”, and host of  “Podcasting Experiments from the Creative Studio”.

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Trules Guests on “Podcasts We Listen To” – Bonus Episode – 22

It’s the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSAY of the podcast,  so as a Bonus episode I’m releasing my interview from this past August with Jeremy Collins, who contacted me from Casper, Wyoming where he is a UPS driver and the creator of… “Podcasts We Listen To”, both a popular podcast and 16,000 member Facebook group. It’s one of the great things I love about podcasting, everybody has a place at the table. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do. All you need is a microphone and a passion to have your voice heard.

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Trules Guests on the “Travel Tales Podcast” – Bonus Episode – 21

Siegel: “What do you think travel has taught you about yourself, people in general, and about America?” 

Trules: “How much time do you have?”

Mike Siegel created the Travel Tales Podcast in 2011– which he sees as a lighthearted conversation highlighting the best, and worst, experiences that travel has to offer. I’m not sure if I qualified for best or worst, but Mike seemed to know me pretty well….

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Trules Guests on the “Travel Stories Podcast” – Bonus Episode – 20

“Well, Trules, you’re a storyteller and you’ve just chosen travel as your medium on your podcast.” So says Hayden Lee, host of the Travel Stories Podcast. I recently went to Podcast Movement 17 in Anaheim, California, where I bumped into Hayden… many times. He always had a big smile on his face, and he continues to think that we’re the same person…. in a different body.

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End of Season 1…. with a “Tear” – Episode 19

As much as I hesitate… to announce it, this is the last episode of Season 1. It is full of excerpts from the first Season and it ends with a closing travelogue called “TEAR”, an actual travel story NOT about me! But a story about my 15 year old Chicano “mentee” and his trip across the US-Tijuana border. I think it’s a love story about the distance between countries and cultures, as well as a bitter-sweet, but appropriate ending, to Season 1 of “e-travels with e. trules”.

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Behind the Scenes with Debra Ehrhardt from Jamaica – Episode 18

“Your saying ‘no’ to me is just a way of finding out ok, how I can get ‘yes’.”
“In America there is no class system; they see you as you are.”
“When a man is involved in a child’s life, it makes such a tremendous difference.”
“People who travel are so much more interesting than those who never leave their tiny little city.”
-Debra Ehrhardt

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