Amsterdam, the "Perfect City" - Episode 15
"The Mighty Mekong" - Episode 17

  • Mark Eagle
    February 4, 2018 by Tallmarkone from United States

    e-travels with e. trules is a very informative and entertaining podcast about Mr. Trules travels across our planet over the past many years. But it's more than just that. It's also about his life beginning in New York and how he created a life for himself, his wife and now their adopted son in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles. What's especially enjoyable about his accounts of his life is not just what's going on in the present but also the historical knowledge he imparts with a sense of humor. He probably remembers Gene Shepard from many many years ago on WOR A.M. Radio in New York City and I as a young child back then would listen to him on the equivalent of podcasts back then. Younger people may recall the movie "A Christmas Story" and the famous saying about not getting a Bebe gun because he will shoot his eye out. Well that was written by and voice overhead by Gene Shepard. Mr. Trules has a similar ability to tell a good story and to do so in such a way as to bring you right there. I only recently discovered podcasts and this has got to be one of the best ones out there!

  • Great show, if you love travel, you will love this
    July 5, 2017 by Young free and coupled from United Kingdom

    Well worth a sub, DO IT NOW, i did!

  • A mind-expanding guide of the world
    June 30, 2017 by Keltonboy1755 from United States

    Listen to this podcast and the man who makes it. He will rekindle your desire for adventure, knowledge, and just maybe teach you how to catch a ride on the train of opportunity.

  • A truly unique travel podcast
    May 27, 2017 by fevkalade11 from United States

    I love travel and foreign cultures, and it was great to find a podcast that adds an entertaining, offbeat angle to a genre that can quickly become stale. Highly recommended.

  • Amazing!
    May 9, 2017 by Karileed from United States

    If you love travel you will certainly love this podcast! Eric is an amazing story teller and he will transport you to another world every time. I definitely recommend this podcast to all travel lovers.

  • Impressive and addicting!
    February 14, 2017 by JenniferRendel12 from United States

    This podcast transports me evey episode to a entertaining adventure that lets me leave my current reality and allows me to see this crazy world as told by the euthusiastic, talented, and engaging storyteller, Eric Trules. I find his travel stories enlightening and very relaxing to sit back and listen to. Besides Trules mastery of telling his stories, the podcast is well-produced with excellent audio and sounds that help in making this such an addictive listen. Can't wait for more!

  • Love and the Devil's Nose
    February 10, 2017 by Angelesgirl from United States

    This was a delightful and entertaining narrative. I tuned in thinking it was a podcast about one of Eric's wild travels only to find out that this was a piece about marriage, and a damned good one at that.

  • Crafted with a love of travel
    February 6, 2017 by jinki1 from United States

    Love the story telling aspect of the early episodes: the score, the performance. It's really engaging. As a podcaster, I love the behind the scenes episodes as well. Looking forward to where this show will go!

  • An auditory treat
    January 30, 2017 by phillytonicaragua from United States

    Trules' voice and the sound design make E-travels with E-trules a lovely soundtrack when working. His stories will transport you to another world while you tap away at your cubicle. I hope he post more and more often! Highly recommend.

  • Truley Great
    January 19, 2017 by Rain17 from United States

    Love the interplay between discovering new places in the world that are ancient and making new personal discoveries. Yes, he's crazy to be taking some of these trips, but what else is new? He's being truly Trules. His inner clown is always smiling. Thanks a bunch. Mark Berger and Rain Worthington

  • An aural E-venture
    January 8, 2017 by Soulfulwon from United States

    A great listen. Transported me. Looking forward to more!

  • This show rocks!
    January 2, 2017 by craigcbrown from United States

    I love it! 5+

  • The Voice
    December 20, 2016 by TravelwithGrace from United Kingdom

    I was lucky enough to be in Echo Park, Los Angeles this November and heard some of Eric's podcasts before they were even available on itunes. He has the perfect pitch and tone of the seasoned traveller and raconteur, I slipped comfortably away and was lost in distant lands and times.

  • Storytelling at its finest
    December 20, 2016 by i save a lot from United States

    A real treat to hear Eric's voice among hoards of podcasts out there. His point-of-view, cadence, and energy makes for trascendent listening. LOVE it!

  • Got Me Yearning to Backpack Again
    December 15, 2016 by Speaking247 from United States

    Trules has such a great radio voice. Truly enjoyed the podcast, as it got me yearning to backpack again. Really high-quality production, with great music (and I dig the whistling at the end).

  • Wonderful storytelling from an incredible, iconoclastic, ramblin professor.
    December 12, 2016 by Trevor M Davis from United States

    Eric Trules is a natural born storyteller. He also happens to be an ever-searching, wonderfully curious, thoughtful and profound individual, with a unique perspective on the wide world -- a world which he's circumnavigated far more than I could even imagine. Though, after listening to his podcast, it's inspiring me to attempt to catch up someday and ramp up the timeline on my exploration of this mysterious, beautiful world. As much as the travel adventures are wonderful to hear on their own though, the real treasure here comes in his thoughtful reflection on humanity in its many garments and idiosyncracies. He certainly could have been a cultural anthropologist if he didn't become a theatre professor...but I'm glad he went toward the stage; now we get the benefits of his runminations on humanity through the vessel of a uniquely gifted, entertaining storyteller. I've seen him perform many times, but this podcast is a great reminder of how much character and warmth his voice carries with every phrase as a trained performer. Trules is a cultural treasure, and I can't wait to hear more installments of this powerful travelogue.

  • Tules trancends travel triumphantly
    December 12, 2016 by gijjiu from United States

    The podcast is a delightful medley of travel, history, and Trules! His voice over the music and sound makes it easy to picture the fantastic stories.

  • Deeply Immersing
    December 9, 2016 by Billyhc from United States

    The storytelling is as hypnotic as the music.

  • If you love traveling, this is your jam!
    December 6, 2016 by MMMMM12345MMMMM from United States

    For those who love traveling but don't get to do so as often as you wish, this is the go-to podcast!

  • Great Podcast!
    December 5, 2016 by SirScottMullin from United States

    Eric creates a sense of place like no one else. I felt like I was right there alongside him on all these amazing journeys. What an experience!

  • Love it
    December 5, 2016 by PouxDawg from United States

    Love, love, LOVE this! Inspires me to keep exploring the world with our new little family addition. Great first episode.

  • Emerging show!
    December 5, 2016 by SF1994yes from United States

    Trules has a natural knack for storytelling, and exploration. Looking forward to the new show!

  • Well-produced, personal insights about the world
    December 2, 2016 by S. Wedeking from United States

    The widely traveled Trules is also a gifted writer, performer and teacher — and this podcast benefits from all those talents

  • He tells it "Trully..."
    December 2, 2016 by MoondogMulv from United States

    Trulles is a unique, funny, and intelligent guide in the world of travel, life, and love.

  • Rich and Textured Storytelling
    December 1, 2016 by Irma Gerd from United States

    Between the music, sound design, and pleasant low rumble of Trules' voice, this is a podcast that will satisfy that craving for a story that lets you live by your mind's eye. In the introduction of the podcast, Trules begins laying down the different stories and inspirations that he has quilted together over his life. From his natural curiosity in history to his appreciation for the unforeseen, you get the sense that Trules has a narrative that bridges his personal discoveries with the shifts the world has undergone throughout his life. I'm looking forward to seeing how these stories flesh out. I can tell that we're in for a treat.

  • Great Podcast
    November 30, 2016 by Tucci1776 from United States

    Really great and entertaining podcast. Hooks you from the first episode.

  • Great Travel Podcast
    November 30, 2016 by from United States

    I'm very impressed with the content in this first episode and can't wait to hear more of Eric's stories.

  • Travel for All!
    November 30, 2016 by deanesullivan18 from United States

    I am thrilled that I came upon this podcast. Trules has a wonderful quality for engaging his listeners, and will transcend you from your living room couches to vast corners of the world. The podcast's professional quality, coupled with Trules' creativity and natural skill for storytelling, will keep you coming back for more. It's a must - can't wait for more!

  • Impressive and Entertaining!
    November 29, 2016 by SpeedwayCJ from United States

    Based on the promo episode of this show, I've subscribed and am definitely looking forward to more! This podcast is extremely well-produced, with audio that excites and amuses. I love the concept of unique, personal and engaging travel stories from the host's real-life experiences, combined with audio scapes that bring listeners directly into the story. I have a feeling this show will be one to keep an eye on, as it holds a great deal of promise for future success. Can't wait to hear the many places Eric Trules will take us!

Beware! This episode is not only a great interview with a fellow artist, but you are in for the teriffic treat of hearing Morlan’s beautiful, Irish-tinged, mandolin music!


Listen Now

Who’s the Who?

Welcome to another Behind the Scenes episode on the “e. travels with e. trules” podcast… where I’ll be talking with my long time friend, Morlan Higgins, who I first met as a young, writer-performer named Dave Higgins – who contributed a beautiful piece to a solo performance series called “Sum of Its Parts” that I produced in Los Angeles in the early 90s.

Over the decades I’ve seen my friend grow into a mature man and a renowned artist… now named, Morlan Higgins, who has become one of  LA’s most treasured actors, where he has won dozens of theater awards including multiple Ovation, Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle, and LA Weekly Awards. He is probably best known for his performances in the plays of Pulitzer prize-winning, South African playwright Athol Fugard. Most notably, Morlan played the lead in the world premiere of Fugard’s “Exits and Entrances” at the Fountain Theater in Hollywood and in subsequent productions around the world including Off-Broadway and Edinburgh, Scotland.

But… before you start listening and I start chatting, reminiscing, and musing with Morlan, I’d like to again give a shout out to YOU, my listeners of the podcast, as we sneak up on the end of Season 1. I know, I know, so sad… but after a few more, hopefully entertaining episodes, I plan to take a couple of months off to re-charge, to record some more travel tales, to score them with my brilliant team of Amanda Yamate and Alysha Bermudez, and to… raise the funds… to make it all happen. I will also be attending the largest podcast convention in the world, Podcast Movement, in Anaheim at the end of August.

The podcast’s listenership almost doubled last month in June, and I was invited to be a guest on several more podcast shows. Word is spreading, hopefully because people are enjoying the podcast, its storytelling and production values, and once they discover it, they’re listening to the “library” of back episodes. So THANK YOU for listening and coming tho these show notes. I will soon be creating different ways for my loyal audience to be rewarded with giveaways, on-air promotions, and MORE, as well as offering an online technology to become a monthy PATRON.

But now back to Morlan… who in addtion to being an esteemed actor, is also a long-time musician who’s been performing in the LA area for over 30 years. He plays the mandolin family of instruments —mandolin, mandola, Irish Bouzouki and Octave mandolin, —and he is the singer/songwriter and leader of his own American Celtic band called “Staggering Jack”. Over his career, Morlan has opened for Stephen Stills, John Sebastian, Dave Mason and, most recently, the Young Dubliners.

Staggering Jack will be playing this Summer, 2017, in LA, at Ireland’s 32 on Burbank Boulevard near Woodman, and lucky YOU, you get to hear Morlan play throughout this podcast episode.

Morlan was surprised that I invited him on this travel podcast… because outside of his month in Edinburgh and a two week trip to Dublin, Belfast, and Donnegal, Ireland, he has not been… out of America.

Well… I was thinking perhaps, more poetically and metaphorically. How life itself is like a great journey, a trip of unpredictable twists and turns… where you never know exactly where you’ll end up or how you’ll get there. Some people come into, and go out of your life… over the years… like Morlan and I have… but somehow the river of life reconnects us… because maybe… we’ve been on the same path, after all.

Just click the Player ARROW below “LISTEN HERE” at the top of these show notes, to listen to Episode 16, “Behind The Scenes with Morlan Higgins”.

In case you’d like to catch up with any of the previous 15 episodes, please go HERE.

In particular, please listen to the last Episode, “Amsterdam, the ‘Perfect’ City”,especially if you’d like a cold blast of winter in the middle of this already too-hot summer. In it, I seem to find several “perfect moments”, those elusive and transitory life experiences that my solo performance predecessor, Spalding Gray, was always looking for but never found. Well, with the right attitude, I’ve found that…  life can be “perfect enough”!

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As I mentioned above, we’re approaching the end of SEASON 1, and we still need funding for SEASON 2.

So if you feel so inclined, or you know anybody who would like to support the podcast, I would greatly and sincerely appreciate it.

HERE is the link to donate.

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Best from Echo Park,

And Happy Trails…..



The Podcast is made possible with a USC Capstone grant, with generous support from Professor Phil Allen and the Sound Design Program at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts. With original music by Amanda Nicole Yamate and sound design by Alysha Bermudez. This episode was recorded by Scott Barber at the Barber Shop Recording Studio, also right here in in Echo Park, LA, CA. Produced by Harry Duran at FullCast.


What We Covered

0:01 – Weekly Show Theme, Music by Amanda Yamate

0:26 – Intro, Bio, and Welcome of Morlan Higgins, with Morlan’s mandolin

4:53 – Morlan on enjoying the journey, life being like a river

6:06 – Morlan on “getting into the river”

6:58 – Trules on improvisation and going with flow

7:50 – Morlan on escaping “the cubicle”

8:30 – Trules on the dichotomy between technology and freedom

9:30 – on the insulation of smart phones

10:00 – Morlan’s Midwest and rambling background

11:55 – Morlan on the difference between acting and writing

12:40 – Morlan talks about discovering the mandolin

13:22 – Trules on the PBS roots music documentary,” American Epic”

13:56 – Morlan on the African & Celtic origins of American music

16:40 – Morlan on his journey as both a musician and an actor

19:20 – Trules on when he first met the younger, hungrier Higgins

20:20 – Both men on planning life as opposed to just letting it happen

21:30 – Morlan plays the octave mandolin, from a French lullaby to an Irish reel

24:20 – Morlan talks about working as an actor with Pulitzer-Prize winning, South African playwright, Athol Fugard and winning awards

30:05 – On the great American playwrights

34:24 – On Bob Dylan, reading, and alchemically channeling the phantasmagorical word

35:45 – Morlan on embracing the journey

36:30 – Morlan plays a pre-Renaissance travel ditty

38:40 – Morlan takes the Trules Travel Quiz, including Edinburgh, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, the road leas beaten, and the apricots in the back yard

47:15 – Morlan plays something he wrote himself, “Queen of the Arctic”

49:53 – Trules wraps up as Morlan plays the Celtic Outro music


Production Credits

Sound design by Alysha Bermudez.

Music composed by Amanda Yamate.

Recorded by Scott Barber at the Barbershop Sound Studio in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California

Produced by Harry Duran at Fullcast.

For more information on Morlan Higgins, please go to his website HERE.

Amsterdam, the "Perfect City" - Episode 15
"The Mighty Mekong" - Episode 17