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Welcome to another “Behind the Scenes” episode of “e-travels with e. trules”, the twice a month feature of the podcast, where I speak to friends, colleagues, fellow podcasters, artists, and travelers around the world…. in between my monthly, scripted and scored travlogues. And where I have my guests take the inimitable “Trules Travel Quiz”.

My guest this episode is Hayden Lee, the self-professed son of a hippie and a biker, and the host of the popular, Travel Stories Podcast. Born in rural Shropshire, England, Hayden is a musician and an intrepid world traveler who can’t help but navigate every conversation into a story. In fact, Hayden, like me, believes that memorable stories are what travel, life, and podcasts… are all about.

The Travel Stories Podcast is a weekly show that brings you original stories of freedom and adventure from seasoned travelers. And whether you are one or not, a seasoned traveler, you probably already know that certain road stories capture not only a moment in time, but also all the emotion, serendipity, and wonder that come with travel. It was a little surprising… how many times Hayden said to me in our interview,

“I think we might be the same person… only separated by a few years and geographical time zones.”

Hayden interviews fellow travelers, podcasters, digital nomads, and other guests about their lifestyle, their entrepreneurship, and about their amazing stories from the road… all with original music…. by Cody Crabb. On his next solo travel adventure, he will be heading out to ride a motorcycle through every country in mainland Europe.

Find Hayden and his Travels Stories Podcast HERE.

Enjoy and Happy Trails…..

What We Covered

  • 0:01 – Weekly Intro with theme music by Amanda Yamate
  • 0:26 – Welcome Hayden Lee, host of the Travels Stories Podcast
  • 1:38 – Where Hayden’s from (Charles Darwin’s birthplace), how he started traveling & doing the podcast
  • 3:15 – HL: on being a force for inspiration
  • 3:43 – Trules on making & marketing a (travel) podcast
  • 5:40 – HL: on his and Trules’ parallel travel and podcast paths
  • 6;36 – Trules on having an artsitic point of view on travel
  • 7:33 – Trules on the origins of his travel experiences, driving up and down America in 1970, and travling as an artist
  • 9:56 – HL and Trules on the “freedom” of travel
  • 11:00 – Trules on “letting go”
  • 11:50 – Hayden on “vulnerability” on the road, and in life
  • 12:37 – Hayden breaks down in Cairns, Australia: no money, no fuel………….
  • 14:10 – Trules on the mud, slop, & miracle of Woodstock, 1968
  • 14:44 – Trules on solo performance, vulnerability, movies, and story telling
  • 16:08 – Hayden reminds Trules of his old clowning days
  • 17:34 – Hayden on why, when and where to travel (on motorbike)
  • 19:00 – Trules on discovering a 100 cc motorbike in Dalat, Vietnam; being “out in in”
  • 20:15 – Hayden – “Now I’m positive we are the same person.”
  • 21:51 – Trules on learning about the “American War” in Vietnam from his motorbike guide, Mr. Duc
  • 22:22 – Hayden on Bali
  • 23:51 – Trules on Bali, from the tourist crush in Kuta to the pristine east coast town, Padangbai
  • 24:51 – Hayden on the friendliness of Southeast Asians
  • 25:27 – Trules on the difference in his experience in 3rd world countries,Cuba & Jamaica
  • 26:25 – Hayden: night and day in the favela in Rio
  • 27:11 – Hayden takes the “Trules Travel Quiz”
  • 34:38 – Wrap up and closing credits


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