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1- “Never lose your sense of wonder and adventure when traveling.”

2- “Never complain that you don’t do things that way at home; that’s part of the point of traveling.”

3- “Never whine, because in the grand scheme of things, if you can afford to travel, what do you have to complain about?”

Those words of wisdom are from the Amateur Traveler’s “Travel Manifesto”, written  and created by award-inning travel journalist, Chis Christensen, who is my guest on this episode of “Behind the Scenes”.

Welcome to Episode 10 of the “e- travels with e. trules” Podcast.

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Chris Christensen created the Amateur Travel Podcast in July, 2005, long before podcasts were featured on iTunes, and since that time, he has released over 500 episodes. The show usually features an interview with a travel destination expert and its intention is to motivate and inspire people to travel.

Chris is a Silicon Valley techie by day, and he and the Amateur Traveler have won a Lowell Thomas Award for Travel Journalism from the Society of Travel Journalism – and a SMITTY Award from Travel+Leisure Magazine which named him the “best independent travel journalist” of 2014.

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Whether you are an experienced, or a vicarious, traveler, it doesn’t really matter. Travel is just another way to discover yourself and to see how we are all  really connected.

Best from Echo Park,

And Happy Trails…..


The Podcast is made possible with a USC Capstone grant, with generous support from Professor Phil Allen and the Sound Design Program at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts.


What We Covered

0:01 – Weekly Intro, Music by Amanda Yamate
0:25 – Introduction of Chris Christensen, the Amateur Traveler
2:38 – Chris talks about his California upbringing, his early road trips with his family, and the origins of his travel podcast, focusing on travel destinations and other people’s stories
6:00 – Trules talks about his own style of travel podcast with personal stories, original music, and sound design
7:30 – Travel as improvisation, and as solving a puzzle
8:16 – Trules reads from the Amateur Traveler “Manifesto”
10:26 – Trules talks about acting dumb and humbly when speaking a foreign language in the country of origin
11:21 – Chris talks about doing the same in Russia
12:00 – Chris talks about “This Week in Travel”, yet another podcast he does with LA Times writer, Jen Leo, and Smitty Award winning photographer, Gary Arndt
13:15 – Both talk about the LA Travel and Adventure Show and the lack of knowledge about podcasting by the Baby Boom generation
15:20 – Chris, then Trules, on their wives and podcasting & audio books
17:34 – Trules on reading to his 9 year old Indonesian nephew, Chris on helping his Chinese Airbnb guest to learn English
19:42 – Chris on his Silicon Valley day job and his being a high tech “nerd”
22:25 – Chris tells the story of his Grandfather at bank robbery in Brush, Colorado
25:00 – Trules talks about his upcoming episode called “Deadwood”, spending time in Wild Bill Hickok’s jail in South Dakota on the day Jimi Hendrix died
27:24 – Chris on the demographics of his podcast and Trules on meeting a podcast “fan” at the LA Podcast Festival
30:38 – The Amateur Traveler as an English proficiency test in Thailand
32:35 – Chris on growing the listenership of the Amateur Traveler
36:10 – Chris on his skepticism about podcast networks, Trules on cracking the sponsorship/monetization boondoggle
38:20 – Chris on his most recent guest and next travel speaking gig in Jerusalem at TBEX
39:28 – Chris takes the “Trules Travel Quiz”
48:47 – Wrap Up and sign off, final credits


(Quotes from the AmateurTraveler)

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Sound design by Alysha Bermudez.

Music composed by Amanda Yamate.

Recorded by Scott Barber at the Barbershop Sound Studio in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California

Produced by Harry Duran at Fullcast. Thanks to Addy Saucedo  and The Team.